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Parasuram, the sixth incarnation, was born on earth, to end the oppressive rule of the Kshatriyas. They had become dominant and were not only dominating the other castes but were increasingly becoming a threat to the Gods.

Parasuram is human holding a battle axe in one hand. Sometimes he is seen with four hands carrying a sword, axe, bow, and arrows.
Parasu means “axe,” and thus his name means “Rama with an axe.”

The priest Jamadagni had a wish-fulfilling cow. The ksatriya king, Kartaviryarjuna, stole this cow. Parasuram then killed the king to regain the cow.
The king’s sons avenged their father by killing Jamadagni.
Parasuram then killed twenty-one generations of the ksatriya race in order to purify the ksatriya race.

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