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The dwarf-Brahmin Vamana has a human shape. King Bali was the grandson Hiranyakasipu. He was wise and magnanimous. King Bali succeeded to become ruler of the earth and underworld. Eventually he got the power to rule the heaven, the world of the gods. The gods were expelled from heaven. Vishnu came to the rescue. So Vishnu came down to earth in the form of the Vamana and approached Bali. Bali could not resist anyone asking anything from him. Vamana asked him to grant him three paces of land. Bali granted it to him. Vamana then expanded his body to take up the earth and all the heavens in his first two steps. There was nothing left for Bali to give for the third step, so he offered his head. After taking everything from him, Vamana made Bali king of the underworld.

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