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Yama is the god of the dead. He is the judge and prison warder (of bad men) after death. It is said that the soul of the cremated (wo) men will go into an intermediate phase (=peta). In this peta phase the soul will wander on earth as a ghost till it can go to the underworld. Before reaching this underworld the deceased one has to pass the dangerous waters and the dogs of Yama. In the underworld, the world of their ancestors, eternal life will wait.

Yama is often depicted with 2or 4 arms green skin and red cloths.
He has a golden crown and a flower in his hair.

Attributes :

Mace (Gada) :
A staff with a tapering end used as a weapon in close combat.
It symbolizes the power over the nature’s laws. Also a symbol of Vishnu.
A club made of human bone with a skull on the end of it is carried by Devi, Durga, Kali and Bhairab.

Riding Animal :

Black buffalo or bull.
The 4 legs symbolize truth, purity, compassion and generosity.

Consort of Yama :


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