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Brahman: (not to be confused with the Creator god Brahma.)
(not to be confused from Brahmin, the priests.)

The absolute God of Hindus., the light and delight of the Universe, the ruler and the lord, without a beginning and without an end, blissfully immersed in Himself and all by Himself. Brahman is Parameshvara (para= the highest, ishvara= Ruler)
Brahman is the Absolute Reality or universal substrate is said to be eternal, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and ultimately indescribable in human language.

The word “Brahman” is derived from the verb brh (Sanskrit: to grow), and connotes greatness.
From the left side of the Brahman arose Brahma, who creates the universe
From the right side of the Brahman arose Vishnu, who preserves the universe
From the middle part of Brahman arose Shiva, who destroys the universe.

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