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Tvastr or Vishvakarma

He is the divine master builder of the gods. He is the architect of the universe and everything in it. He is the protector of all that exists. He is the discoverer of the science of architecture and technique. He is the architect of all the weapons, attributes and all the other requirements of the gods. He is the son of Brahma. His daughter is Sanjana.

For Indra he made the mobile heaven, Swarga.
Swarga has the shape of a battle chariot. Swarga is inhabited by the servants of Indra called the Maruts, lesser Gods and wise men.
For Varuna, ruler of the gods and heaven, he made a heaven with white walls.
This heaven was full of beautiful gardens, trees and animals.
For Yama, god of the deads he made a golden heaven.

He is often depicted with 4 arms and a lot of tools. He often sits.

Attributes :

Water carafe (Kamandalu) :
Water symbolizes life, fertility and wealth.
With the carafe it is possible to collect amrita, the nectar of life.
When needed the amrita can be poured out again.

(Trap-) cord (pasha):
That which binds or limits the soul and keeps it (for a time) from manifesting to its full potential. It symbols the ability of the gods to trap evil and ignorance.

Book (Pustaka) :
It is a symbol of wisdom.
Hindu deities such as Brahma, Manjushree, Saraswati, Prajnaparnmitta, Avalokiteswar, and Vasundhara are associated with, earning and arts.

Mace (Gada):
A staff with a tapering end used as a weapon in close combat.
It symbolizes the power over the nature’s laws. Also a symbol of Vishnu.
A club made of human bone with a skull on the end of it is carried by Devi, Durga, Kali and Bhairab.

Riding Animal :

He rides on a ram/ goat.
The ram / goat symbolize the earthly fire and energy.

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