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Vardamana, later Mahavira

Vardamana, later mahavira(= great hero) was the founder of Jainism. Jainism means they who reach the victory to reach enlightenment. Jainism is derived from the word Jina. Jina means victor.

Vardamana was a not-Brahmin prince who reached Enlightenment through his way of life. He reached this through extreme ascesis, deep meditation, not/minimal speaking, not/ minimal eating and austerity. At the age of 42 he reached Enlightenment.

Mahavira criticised the daily problems like:
Caste system, slavery, equality for women, killing of animals for religious purpose etc. Mahavira got a lot of followers ( men and women).

The followers of Mahavira had to keep one to:

  • Ashima : non- violence and respect to everything that lives.
  • Aparigraha : propertyless, not get attached to material goods.
  • Satya : sincerity.
  • Asteya : not stealing.
  • Brahmacharya : chastity and control over the senses.

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