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Yoga = sansk. Connecting or contract.
Yoga is a set of physical exercises and meditative practices that ensures bodily and mental well-being. There are several forms of yoga. Each yoga method is based on spiritual systems and physical exercises.

Raja Yoga :
Raya yoga (the royal way) is the classical form of yoga. Mental and physical energy will be transformed to spiritual energy.

Hatya Yoga :
Hatya yoga is the yoga of vitality. This form of yoga knows 80 physical positions (asanas). Hathya yoga is used as preparation for higher forms of yoga.

Laya Yoga :
Laya joga is the yoga of disintegration. Through concentration on the chakras moksha will be attained.

Manta Yoga :
Mantra yoga is the yoga of sound. In this form of yoga mantras are recited in a rhythm. A different state of conscience can be attained.

Tantristic yoga :
Tantristic yoga is the yoga of sex. The followers of this yoga believe that sexuality has great power. This power can be used to attain moksha.

Jnana Yoga :
Jnana yoga is the yoga of knowledge. The ultimate knowledge of the Upanishads is the realization of the Nirguna Brahman as the self – the indefinable, non-doing, non-sensing, pristine, all-pervading, all-witnessing self. This is the Jnana being talked of here. This Jnana is the ultimate aim of Jnana Yoga.

Karma Yoga :
Karma yoga is the yoga of deed (action). Karma is the summation of direct effects as well as all other related consequences of an action. With a good Karma salvation can be attained (moksha).

Bhakti Yoga :
Bhakti yoga is the yoga of love. Bhakti has the root Sanskrit word Bhaj which means. To be attached to God. Bhakti also teaches love for all beings as how can one love God without loving those who are also a part of Him. Goal is to attain salvation through the power of love in god.

Kundalini Yoga :
Kundalai =sans. Snake power. This snake power can be found in the base chakra at the bottom of the human spine. This snake power is rolled like a snake. Through meditation this snake can climb up touching every higher chakra. These higher chakras will be activated and energy will come free. If the energy touches the crown chakra, the person will be one with Shiva.

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