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Surya is the Sun-god.
In some stories he is the creator of the universe.
His children Yama and Yami are the first humans.
In time he had to give up his important position in the gods pantheon to Vishnu.
He may be depicted either with two arms or four.

Attributes :

Wheel (Chakra) :
It used to be a solar wheel.
Wheel is a symbol of absolute completeness. It symbolized the cycle of life and dead.

Lotus (Padma) :
Padma is a lotus which may be of any colour except blue. The blue lotus is designated by the word Utpala or Nilotpala. The padma is the day lotus, while Utpala stands for the night lotus. It is regarded as especially scared by all classes of Indians. Padma indicates purity of descent, happiness and eternal renewal.

Conch shell (Sankha) :
The conch shell is a music instrument. Its sound chases away demons.
In Hindu tradition, the conch shell seems to have been extensively used in wars by ancient Indian. The white conchs shell whose humming sound proclaims the glory of the saints. It is especially given as a symbol to the gods as the sound vibrated through a shell penetrates far and wide

Protecting gesture of the hand:

Riding Animal :

He travels in his chariot of the sun –god. Pulled by one horse with seven heads.
Or by seven horses. Aruna (god of dawn) is his wagoner.
The horse symbolizes heroism.

Other names of Surya :
At dawn his name is also Visvasvat.
During the day his name is Surya and at sunset Savitri.

Consort of Surya :
Usha : goddess of dawn.

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